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                    Overcoming the Knowledge Deficit:

AMPLIAR | logo HOMO EUROPEANUS The project's overall objective is spreading more knowledge about EU particularly in the context of the economic crisis, a general rise in antiimmigrant sentiment and xenophobia - to citizens of the member states and EU candidate countries, in order to overcome democratic deficit.

During 16 months project events will involve 500 direct participants and numerous wider local public who will overcome the "knowledge deficit" and gain better understanding about EU - necessary ground for their more active involvement in creating future Europe.

El objetivo general del proyecto es difundir más el conocimiento sobre la UE en particular en el contexto de la crisis económica, en el aumento general del sentimiento contra los inmigrantes y la xenofobia - hacia los ciudadanos de los Estados miembros y los países candidatos a la UE, a fin de superar el déficit democrático.

Durante 16 meses los eventos del proyecto implicarán a 500 participantes directos y un numeroso público local en fin de superar el "déficit de conocimiento" y obtener una mejor comprensión de la UE - base necesaria para una participación más activa en la creación de la Europa del futuro.

■ TITLE: Homo Europeanus - Overcoming the Knowledge Deficit
■ FOUNDING PROGRAM: Europe for Citizen 2014-2020
■ SUB-PROGRAMME: Democratic engagement and civic participation
■ ACTION: 2.3: Civil Society Projects
■ PERIOD: 1st of September 2015 to the 31st of December 2016

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     Overcoming the Knowledge Deficit
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The International Awareness Raising Conference

The International Awareness Raising Conference was held successfully in Belgrade on 4th and 5th December. The international conference dedicated to the importance of the subject Civic Education in the education system and its role in the construction of citizens willing to actively participate at the local, national and European level, was organized by the Europe House Slavonski Brod and Civic Initiatives from Belgrade. The conference was opened by presenting the results of research carried out in 12 European countries, including both the EU member states and the EU candidate countries. The results of the research was presented by project coordinator Iva Sedlic. The research objective was to determine how much citizens know about the EU and its institutions, what are their attitudes towards certain European policies, Juncker's political priorities, civil values and how they see the further future of the Union. - See more at:

After the presentation of the results, the students and teachers of secondary schools and representatives of non-governmental organizations from Serbia had the opportunity to participate in a panel discussion on the process of accession of Serbia to the European Union. Participants of the panel were coordinator of the National Convention on the EU Natasa Dragojlovic, representative of the Office for European Integration Marina Tadic, representative of the Office for cooperation with civil society organizations Natasa Savic Janjic. The panel moderator was representative of Civic Initiatives and project coordinator for public policy Petar Zmak.

On the second day of the conference there were organized workshops for the students which had the opportunity to get more information about the program "Europe for Citizens" and other EU programs that provide different opportunities to young people - education, volunteering, mobility and employment within the EU Member States. The representatives of partner organizations have led the workshops.

En el marco del proceso de construcción europea, Progestia, Promoción Educativa desarrolla diversos proyectos de intervención social y educativa integrados todos ellos en el periodo de Programación 2007-2013 y 2014-2020 de la Comisión Europea.
Overcoming the Knowledge Deficit:

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